Extra Class Exam Study Group

     We want to make it  possible for those who have studied for the Extra Class to have a chance to review and prepare for an exam on June 27th The current exam pool expires on June 30th.

     Sign-up for limarc-edu@groups.io and find in the files, the question pool and sample tests. We rely on you to do self-study. However, when you need assistance in understanding something, post it to the group and we will respond. It might be in the form of a post or even a video conference to help make sure that the point is clear.

    On Wednesday, June 24th, and Friday, June 26th, we will hold a video conference to review old and new questions that you might have. Finally, on June 27th, we will hold  a VE test session for Extra Class only. Exact times and place will be determined but posted on the group. Therre is no charge for the study group, only the normal VE fee on the day of the test.


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