Field Day Is Here

Good morning,
     Field Day is upon us!, June 23rd and 24th at the Rosemary Kennedy Center in Wantagh.
     We expect to be loading the truck in Massapequa Park around 3:30 PM. Our equipment is located in  Massapequa Park. Please call me or email me for location.
     Unless someone has a vehicle capable of handling some tents and other equipment, the truck will have to stop at my house in Old Bethpage, to pick things up. It is not necessary for any one other than the truck driver to come here.
     The FD site is located on the property of the Rosemary Kennedy Center in Wantagh. The field entrance is located on Oakfield Ave at the intersection of Midland Place.We cannot go onto the field until 6 PM. Please do not enter the grounds before then.
     Our goal for the Friday evening is as follows:
  • Set-up main tent
  • assemble 3 beam antennas
  • establish location for vans that will be staying for the weekend
  • set-up generators and one or two vertical antennas for stations to practice overnight Friday
Saturday Morning
  • Will need someone to pick up bagels donated by Town Bagel in Bellmore. Simple breakfast.
  • Complete set-up Does anyone have 10×10 pop-ups that they can lend us?
  • Tower and ladders to be assembled in order when all three are ready
  • Lunch around 12
  • On the air at 2 PM
  • On air ends 2 PM Sunday.
  • We need as much help as possible taking things down on Sunday. Equipment will now be stored locally in Wantagh so even helping out, you should be done pretty early on Sunday.
      Not everyone is able to participate in the set-up and loading of the truck, so this note is more informational, but we look forward to seeing you at field day.

Thank you!

Richie, K2knb


​cell  516-650-7581​