Field Day Summary

Field Day 2018 turned out to be a fantastic weekend.   All of the  preparation and hard work that went into it was overshadowed by the great and bountiful number of people who came  out to support and work the event. For me personally, the fact that so many people were there to help take down the site and load the truck, was most appreciated. We were packed and off the field by 4:10 PM.   More info to follow over the next few day  but special thanks to planners  Rob, KC2ILP, our new Field Day Chairman and Bill, KC2SYL,   as well as  the core committee, Ken, WB2KWC; Lew, N2RQ; Jerry, WB2ZEX; Don, WB2BEZ; Jeff, N2ION; Craig, KD2CXK;  and Tom, KD2ESW.

Thanks to all!

Richie, K2KNB