Hudson Division Luncheon

Hudson Division Luncheon

    The Hudson Division Luncheon was held in Newburgh on November 14th. The Orange County Amateur Radio Club sponsored and did a great job. Honorees included  two LIMARC members, Richie, K2KNB as Amateur of the Year 2020, and Steve Bossert, K2GOG, Amateur of the Year 2021.  Amongst the guest were Nobel Prize winner and FT 8 creator, Joe Taylor, K1jt, and ARRL CEO Dave Minster, NA2AA.  Hudson Division  Director Ria Jairam, N2RJ, was emcee, and NLI was represented by Section Manager Jim Mezey. W2KFV. Presenting LIMARC on short notice were Jerry Abrams, WB2ZEX, Stephen Greenbaum, WB2KDG, Ken Kobetitsch, KD2GXL, Upstate member Manny Barros, KB2ZST, and m multi-club members Neil Goldstein, W2NDG and Steve Bossert, K2GOG.

Joe Taylor, K1JT

David Minster, NA2AA, ARRL CEO

Neil Goldstein, W2NDG

Section Manager Jim Mezey, W2KFV and the crew

Director Ria Jairam, N2RJ, presents to Steve Bossert, K2GOG

Richie Cetron, K2KNB



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