June 2018

President’s Message June 2018


June is Field Day month and I want to remind all of you that it is the one event that needs full support from the Club. From set-up to take down, the more hands available the faster and easier the event goes.

Field Day is an event designed to give us a taste of what communications would be like during a major emergency. Remember that amateur radio was established on a national basis for exactly that reason. Field Day is that opportunity to show that we can fulfill that role.

The conditions, under which LIMARC would have to set up an emergency communications center in a field in Wantagh, are clearly outside of the realm of likely.  However, the spirit of cooperation in setting up our site, and the skills learned, have real practical value. The more opportunity to practice the more ingrained the skills become. From safety to operating skills, there is much practical knowledge to be learned and re-enforced.

We will be at the site on Friday night to begin some of the set-up. Several members will be staying overnight and some stations will be up and running. Set-up continues Saturday morning at 7 AM. We will be on the air from 2 PM Saturday until 2 PM Sunday, when take down will take place.

Please try to make time to help out in any way, and of Couse, including operating the stations throughout the 24 hour period. Check out the website for more information.

See you there!

Richie Cetron, K2KNB