May 2018

President’s Message May 2018


In most volunteer organizations thee is usually a small percentage of the members that take care of most of the issues facing the organization. It is just the way that it is.  There are times however, when a larger number of members is necessary to insure the overall success of the organization.

We are trying to make sure that our general meetings have an interesting pre0session and a good topic for the main agenda. We do this in part to make sure that you have a fun evening out, and also to help in sure that a quorum is resent at every meeting. We cannot take a legal vote without a quorum.

We are working to improve out media image. Through the website, a Reflector, and other media to come such as Facebook and Twitter,  we want to present a dynamic representation of who we are and what we do. Your membership in the Reflector, and your support with articles and information  will help us to reach a broader base.

We will have another HF station day after the May 12th VE Session at Levittown Hall. It is a great opportunity to have hands von experience with HF radio as well as digital modes. If we build it, will you come? We hope so.

Finally, Field Day is almost upon us. We generally set up 5 stations requiring tents, towers, wires, generators, networking, assembly and disassembly. It is a really important event because it goes to the heart of why the government allows amateur radio to exist; preparing for emergency communications to assist in a national disaster. This is a large group effort and one of the times that we really need you to step forward.  We all need to build it together and they will come!

Richie, K2KNB