Next Buiuld-a-thon

When: May 9, 2020  1000-1300 hrs EDT

Where: Levittown Hall, 201 Levittown Pkwy, Hicksville NY 11801 in partnership with LIMARC ARC who will also have members attending.


For out of state members:  The antenna will be built simultaneously on Zoom video conference so anyone not able to physically attend can still purchase supplies independently and put it all together with us at the same time


What are we buildingAn end fed half way antenna as per the attached proposal prepared by member and instructor John W2XS who will be running this build.  All participants can buy their own parts and here are the parts and costs of the materials:


1)  $20.00

Closed version in a case:



Open version:



  1. 100 feet of wire ($7.44)

    3.    25-foot BNC-to-BNC cable ($5.50)

    4.    Misc. Hardware:  Pole, Mounting stake, tent stake, a length of rope, halyard to secure
    antenna wire to pole.  Here are some links John W2XS was looking at for poles and mounts. You are welcome to use these leads or any others you feel best:

    a.  20-foot Portable pole ($34.88):

    b.  Ground mount ($25.95):

    c. Black Widow Fishing Poles:

    d. Jackite Pole Mount:

    e. Jackite Pole:


3) Here is the list of members who previously said they were in:

Please reconfirm if you are still in (DIRECTLY TO MY EMAIL BERNY450@AOL.COM AND NOT TO THIS CLUB EMAIL) and if there are any more takers. Kindly reply by April 1:

Tony KB2OMC         Tony  KE4MHP     Rich WB2GXM         Chris N8PEM

Eric KC9YJP            Peter KB2RSQ      Mark KV6T               Ed N2GSL

Paul K7VIQ            Karen AG4CC        Dave WA2YYL          Bob KD2NFS

Mike KE8AQW       Jon W2JVO           Joe N2OUV               Bill AG5SK

Rob AC2KQ           Matt N7MCB         Karen W2ABK         Rob AG5SK

Kat W0UM            Jerry N5GKJ         Dave KC2NFC           John AC2KZ