President’s Message April 2018

President’s Message- April 2018


There are many things that LIMARC does that go under-reported or not reported at all. Welcome to the Media Age and Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Letting our members and others know what we do, and the contributions of amateur radio in general, is something that is really important, particularly in keeping amateur radio alive.

The International Space Station is a combined effort on that part of many countries to promote science as well as the peaceful use of space. In almost every case, there is a ham radio operator on board who may come from just about any country. The ham astronauts are free to use the radio during their break time, just as we do. It is a pretty big event when a school or museum for example, can schedule a QSO with the ISS. When a ham radio operator is on the air from the ISS, it becomes know as ARISS, or Amateur Radio on the International Space Station.

LIMARC has been the sponsoring radio club for several QSO’s, just recently at Freeport H.S. Thousands of students had the opportunity to listen as several of their classmates asked questions of the astronauts and hear their answers. Lost sometimes is the fact that this is strictly a ham radio operation. The ham astronaut connects to an earth station operated by a ham radio operator. We impress that on the students so that they understand that they are transmitting their signal through a ham radio station. All of the excitement and great public relations for the space program generated through these contacts, simple would not exist if it were not fo ham radio.

We are proud of LIMARC’s contributions to the program and very proud of amateur radio and all that it can do.

Happy Easter and Happy Passover!


Richie, K2KNB