Club Rules and Bylaws

BY using any of the LIMARC repeaters, in any mode, using any technology whatsoever, you hereby agree to abide by all FCC rules and Regulations, as well as the LIMARC repeater rules, policies and procedures available by clicking here.


LIMARC is a 501c(3) corporation, and as such is governed by its bylaws. You can download our bylaws here.

Repeater Rules and Regulations

LIMARC runs all its repeater system under specific rules and regulations to protect everyone using our communications systems. LIMARC has a zero-tolerance policy for repeater abuse. Everyone using our repeaters are expected to follow this policy. You can download a copy of the rules and regulations here.


LIMARC has the some of worlds friendliest people as its members. You will find something for everyone at LIMARC. We all share our love of learning, teaching, and sharing. We invite you to join the LIMARC family and see what you have been missing!