Scholarship Requirements

The Memorial Scholarship question

“What is the best part of being an amateur radio operator? What is your least favorite? Explain in detail.” (300-500 words)

AWARD: $300 Dollar First Prize   $150 Second Prize

ELIGIBILITY: A ham radio operator who is a High School senior or college freshman who resides in the New York-Long Island ARRL Section, or a relative of a LIMARC member regardless of residence.

PURPOSE: To encourage interest in Amateur Radio and LlMARC. 

CRITERIA: The basic criteria for the award are resourcefulness in gathering information and writing skills. 

PROCEDURE: Two copies of the article should be submitted via mail, or entries can be e-mailed. 

Deadline is February 28th

The award will be presented at our May meeting, on March 13 at Levittown Hall

(There are no entry fees or application forms. Entries will not be returned). 

Enclose your name, address, telephone number, callsign and school, and if necessary, relationship to a LIMARC member. 

Entries should be sent to: 

LIMARC Memorial Fund Committee 
P.O. Box 392
Levittown, NY 11756 

Or e-mailed to: scholarship@ 
Diane K2DO and Nancy N2TKA, will serve as the Committee Co-Chairs


Ham Radio University