Items for sale

Drake C line-  Power Supply Speaker, R4-C, T4xc and W4 wattmeter   $850
Lafayette HA-600A  SW/Ham receiver.   Works, dial lamps, etc all good.  Speaker included  $150
SB-220 for parts only,  $400
Vibroplex Champion- $200
Bencher BY-1 (replaced a paddle)  $100
Bencher BY-2 In chrome  $140



The following items are for sale. Many of the items are from estates  and the money will go to the family.

Kenwood TS 520. matching h speaker    $300

Belden RFv400   $1.75 Food

Beleden 89913 Cable  6.50 foot

Kenwood TH G 71/AA Battery Pack, $60

Contact Richie, K2KNB