Become a Ham

Being a ham is all about learning, sharing, being there when your family, community, and nation need you most!

Hams perform an invaluable service in all phases of public service and special events.

Imagine talking to far off lands, and even the International Space Station! It’s fun and helps make the world a better and safer place for us all!

When all else fails, amateur radio will always get you through!

LIMARC has blazed the field with our first ever online classes for Technician, General, and Extra licenses.

If you can’t find one here or a class near you, here is the next best thing. Check our calendar for real-time instructor lead classes and events! They fill up quickly so keep trying!

If you wish, you can view our technician classes (the first step) on the web.

It’s easy!!.. Just follow these simple steps. Cut and past the Links into to your web browser if you have trouble with the links.

Here is what you will need to do:

  1. Get the ARRL manual for technician. You can buy it here:

  2. Also please get:

  3. Please download the study sheet we talk about in the classes here

  4. The videos below review the manual one chapter at a time. I have all classes recorded below.

    From then on, you can follow along with the recorded classes as follows (in order)

  5. First Night Chapter1:

  6. Chapter 2:

  7. Chapter 3:

  8. Chapter 4:

  9. Chapter 5 and 6:

  10. Chapter 7 and 8:

  11. Question pool exam review:

    These classes total about 12 hours of study and review.

    Please visit and use for a great teaching site of the questions used on the exam.

    While you are waiting for you manual to arrive, please watch the following videos when you get a chance. They are very short and we promise you will enjoy them!



Ham Radio University