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LIMARC Membership Application

  • Please don’t use this page to print out.
  • Renewals only have to send a check or pay through PayPal.  A full     application is not necessary.
  • LIMARC Application
  • This page is too long due to explanations, etc.
  • If you want to sign up a  family members, just use a second and third form.
  • Please make sure you write on your check the word “Dues” and add your callsign(s) and year…i.e. (Dues K2XYZ & K2XYL 2018). Many thanks.

Need to know where to send Membership Dues?

  • Make your check out to: “LIMARC, Inc.”
  • Send To This Address: LIMARC Membership , PO Box 392 ,Levittown, NY 11756-0392.
  • You can also pay via PayPal.
  • If you have a PayPal account, LIMARC’s PayPal email address is
  • There are no additional PayPal fees added.


$40 – Regular Member
$30 – Senior Citizen (65 +)
$15 each – Family Member
$20 each – Student (Full-time)
$20 – Associate Member*


  • *Associate Membership is for people who live outside the repeater coverage area and use the club repeaters infrequently.
  • Membership expires December 31 of the current year regardless of when you joined.
  • Those who need to send only renewals only have to send a check or pay through PayPal, an application is not necessary.



  • LIMARC prorates fees for new members that join after the first third of the year as follows:
  • January through April – 100% of Rate
  • May through August – 66% of Rate
  • September through December – 33% of Rate
  • New members applying in last third are encouraged to sign up for upcoming year also.



  • It is requested that you please support YOUR club by sending in your dues before January 1 or at least before the first January General meeting.
  • Below is a sample that we all should follow, to make it easier to properly identify who has paid for the year.
  • Please note that in the lower left hand line, you should place your callsign, the word “Membership” or “Dues” with the year following.



  • Please make all checks out to LIMARC and don’t forget to place “Dues” and your callsign(s) with the year following.
  • i.e. “Dues K2XYZ 2018” or “Dues K2XYZ& K2XYL 2018.” in the “For” or “Memo” line on the lower left, so that we may properly attach your membership to the Roster as being a paid member of LIMARC.



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