Logo Clothing

Quality Logo Merchandise from Richie K2KNB

Check out this new knit cap, it’d be great this winter!


This well made, handsome cap is being sold for only $10. A real bargain!
The high quality hat is $11.00 plus $3.00 if you want your callsign on the back.
Here’s the front of the LIMARC Hat with LIMARC logo.


Here is the back of the LIMARC hat.


The sweatshirt is a heavyweight hooded pullover, $22.00 , S-XL, $ 25.00 XXL, and $3.00 extra to have your callsign under the logo.
This shows LIMARC’s hooded Sweatshirt with LIMARC logo


This photos doesn’t do the hooded sweatshirt justice, but hopefully, you get the idea.


If you are interested in purchasing any items, you can easily contact Richie K2KNB by emailing him at: email merchandise@https://limarc.org

When making a purchase, your check should be made out to “Limarc” but email Richie K2KNB first to order.

Checks can be sent to:

Limarc Merchandise

P.O. Box 341
Old Bethpage, NY 11804

Items can be picked up at meetings or sent to you for a nominal shipping fee.


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