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Isaac Canty asked 2 weeks ago

Oral Sex Candy Bj Blast - Porn Sex PhotosOne of my most embarrassing CFNM experiences ever was in front of a girl I had known for a couple of years but had never really been naked in front of her. She had seen pics of me though which was a turn on but not like seeing me in the flesh. The thing is, I had sort of grown in to being submissive to girls and had a lot of CFNM experiences that came from that. I mean if a dominant girl says to strip. I strip. matter when or where. Nicole was her name, quite a bit younger then me and quite attractive. I hadn’t seen her in a while but we met at a small pub for a bite to eat and a beer. After we finished I said I needed a washroom break before we left. She said that was fine but if I was with her then I had no choice but to use the ladies room with her. I was instantly excited about the thoughts of this and started getting hard. I was both turned on and nervous. Get your pants off she ordered. Let’s see this big cock up close, she said. She was only about a foot away from me at eye level with my cock as I unzipped my pants. Just at that same second though, we heard footsteps coming toward the door. She quickly said to stand on the toilet so my feet didn’t show under the stall door. I did just what she said just in time. A girl walked into the room and was searching for an empty stall. Our door rattled and then she went to the next stall and we could hear her unfastening her pants etc. That’s when I looked down and realized that Nicole now had my cock shoved right in her face and she was examining every bit of me. I grabbed it and slowly jerked off in front of her until the other girl finally left but I was blushing more then I had ever blushed I think. Nicole giggles at my embarrassment and then thanked me for the show and got up and left me there. Naked and hard in the ladies room. Embarrassed and porn too scared to try to sneak out alone, but I made out ok. She told me afterwards, as we walked down the street, me still fully hard, that she originally had planned on keeping my clothes and leaving me there naked. She still teases me about the show she got. Practically a lap dance haha.


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