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Five thousand in Japanese is 五千 (gosen).

Growing from seeds can result in weaker plants (as clones are chosen for quality, seeds are hit and miss), and also the possibility of having males (which do not produce the flowers that you want, they produce pollen which then pollenates the female flowers and causes your plants to then produce seeds, which greatly impedes your female plants flower production.) Keep in mind that purchasing clones is always better than seed because the clones you purchase are ready to go into flowering, which produces buds.

Tulley also told The Associated Press that his stores offer consulting and education about cannabis products for a fee and provide free samples, so they do not need state licenses. The owner of the “I’m Stuck” shops in Cayuga, Oswego and Wayne counties, David Tulley, adamantly denied selling products to minors.

But the country is not an outlier in Asia, where tough penalties for drug use are the norm, although Thailand now allows users to possess and grow cannabis under complicated new guidelines that still outlaw recreational use.

That encompasses the wellness of cannabis, and I think hemp can do that even on a more subtle range.’ It makes you feel euphoric at times; it lightens you and brings you cultural isolation. ‘It opens your chest up to the presence of music and rhythm, which is healing to PTSD, but it also makes you feel good.

Authorities said they have arrested 20 people – nine men and 11 women, aged between 20 and 59 – in connection with a ‘complex’ drugs network which sent vacuum-packed marijuana across Spain, Switzerland, Holland, Germany and Belgium.

Morocco’s national regulatory agency overseeing the use of cannabis for medical use met for the first time Thursday in one of the last steps before legalisation in the world’s top cannabis-resin producer.

A 23-year-old man also from Echuca was arrested on March 21 and charged with various weapons and drug offences after police found two two imitation handguns, one imitation longarm, cannabis, shotgun shells and prescription medication.

The agency allowed their sales in the country as long as they do not exceed a certain amount of THC, the “high”-producing chemical in marijuana. Drug Enforcement Administration earlier this year said cannabis seeds fall under the legal definition of hemp, the non-intoxicating form of marijuana.

Herbal cannabis is simply the dried leaves and female flowers of the plant. The growth of Cannabis plants is illegal in most of the world, although the possession of the seeds is tolerated in many countries. Other “species” may simply be varieties rather than true species. Cannabis oil is an extract from the plate by drying the plant then extracting it with a variety of organic solvents.
The active ingredient of cannabis of all types is principally tetrahydrocanabinol (THC). Cannabis resin or “hash”consists of a concentrate produced from the mature flower heads.

“When it’s a business that generates so much money, criminal organisations focus on coming here,” said Antoni Salleras, chief of the Catalan police’s organised crime unit, noting that foreigners, predominantly from elsewhere in Europe, Morocco and Latin America, accounted for around 60% of arrests last year.

They get an interest to properly use the cannabis seeds and enhance various aspects of their physical and mental health condition. They can listen to the latest news about the medical cannabis seeds right now. They have decided to heal existing health problems at first and avoid possibilities of ill health condition day after day. The latest scientific research about cannabis catches the attention of health-conscious men and women throughout the world. Individuals of any age group like to be healthy on a regular basis.

U r suppose to answer it for me la…

yes u can, as long as the seed is good! dark grey ones with brown speckles on them are usually a good sign

The Office of Cannabis Management also said it seized more than 47 pounds (21 kilograms) of cannabis flower, 244 pounds (111 kilograms) of cannabis edibles and 89 pounds (40 kilograms) of cannabis concentrate during inspections of Tulley’s stores.

U r suppose to answer it for me la…

And it calls for the establishment of an authority that will work with the government on national policy governing cannabis use. The new regulations will allow for the setting up of non-profit clubs that can distribute cannabis and cannabis plant seeds among their members.

And it’s no exception to say that the war on non-corporate drugs is extremely lucrative. So I did not think it would ever be allowed. Of course, the government still gets their cut and maybe actually they get more than they ever did now.’ If it weren’t lucrative, there wouldn’t be so much of it. ‘There’s no way,’ he said.

Since 2001 thermometers no longer contain mercury. It would be best to throw out the bag and keep the vacuum cleaner.

customer base, which already sits at 2.4 million through our ancillary cannabis business lines, and sets us up well to take advantage of federal legalization in the United States when it comes,” Chief Executive Raj Grover said in a statement. “This new business venture will greatly expand our U.S.


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