It’s A Slippery Concept

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Jenny Cunniff asked 2 weeks ago

Japanese Bukkake PhotosOne of the porn tropes that overlaps a lot with BDSM and sometimes with bondage is the notion of “rough sex”. It’s a slippery concept, covering as it does anything from a single face slap in a not-very-kinky fuck video to some vigorous face-fucking to complicated dungeon scenarios with brutal kidnappers and repeated ravishments by an ever-rotating cast of indefatigable stunt dicks. Rough sex used to be the exclusive property of gonzo pornographers and underground Japanese kidnap movies with hella pixelization, but over time, it’s crept into more and more mainstream porn.SKY + Midsummer Wishes - 2024 You can find all kinds of rough sex porn out there these days, and for my money that’s a welcome development. Rose petals, soft lighting, and gentle couples sex have their place in porn, but honestly I’m not entirely sure where that place is. Let’s just say, nothing says true love like wrapping her up in an inescapable wrestling hold and plundering her privates with a firm fat dick. There’s plenty of rough sex overlap with the world of gangbang porn, too. It is theoretically possible for gangbangs to be gentle and lit by metaphorical candle light, but usually, they aren’t. Much more often, they give the appearance of a gritty and grueling BDSM scene even though there’s not a rope or a restraint anywhere in view. In truth, who needs restraints when you’ve got lots of willing and helpful hands? To be sure, I don’t know why you’d actually need two burly henchmen to assist you in getting a deep throat blowjob in front of the urinal in the men’s room, but if you’ve got that kind of friends, I suppose it might smooth things along quite handily! And if you don’t have two burly henchmen, a single scrawny one will probably suffice. Admittedly that doesn’t leave any spare hands to wipe her face clean when your deepthroat dicking brings tears to her eyes, but these are times of austerity; we must all make do as best we can. Spontaneous tears, gritted teeth, a chewed lower lip – all these are hallmarks of rough sex done well. Yet do not imagine that this is some exclusively male fantasy! To be sure, not every woman wants her arms used as wheelbarrow handles while a big strong man ploughs all her furrows with vigor and panache, but for many, strength and roughness – deployed consensually, of course – are an enormous turn-on.


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