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Current Zar note: I eventually branched out from just doing game screencaps to doing them for yaoi as well since a bunch of yaoi is ridiculous. As a warning, if you’re unfamiliar with yaoi, it in general plays pretty fast and loose with consent! There is often a lot of “no but yes” on the uke’s part and at times it’s just flat-out rape. I usually mention if it’s rape, but “no but yes” shows up a lot in yaoi so be warned if you are sensitive to that kind of thing! Otherwise it’s just something you’ve got to roll with. Most yaoi also involves sex so these are DEFINITELY NSFW and are for adults only! As you can probably guess from the subtitle there is a quick rape in this, the seme gets the uke insanely drunk and feels him up, and also the rape in general leads to true love which is upsetting in its own way. I did this LP (?) in 2008! I left my write-up mostly unchanged. So you may recall some time ago I tore into this hideous garbage anime called Okane ga Nai, and made clear my hatred for both it and all the horrible cliches that it inspires and embodies. SO OF COURSE SOME HELPFUL SOUL HAD TO TELL ME THAT THERE ARE THREE MORE EPISODES OF THIS BULLS—. AND GIVE ME LINKS TO THEM. WHAT DID I EVER DO TO YOU? Considering how much loathing the first episode filled me with, I was interested to see if the upcoming episodes would be just as bad. As it turns out, they are EVEN WORSE! Especially the third one. I haven’t worked up the fortitude to watch the fourth one and not hit myself with a hammer just yet.I really hate this series is what I’m saying.We left off last time with Seme and Uke going to some unexplained location to do some stupid thing or another. WHAT IS AT THIS LOCATION? SOMETHING IDIOTIC? YOU ARE CORRECT! Your prize is a punch in the balls.I hate this series so very very much. Even better, the more I hear the opening song, the worse it gets. It’s badly sung and performed and sounds horrible. You’d think someone would have noticed at some point that Seme constantly looks crosseyed. THAT JUST MAKES HIM HOT AM I RIGHTOh god please noWay to go guys.Anyway they enter a casino, helpfully established by several shots of casino games. SUDDENLY a shot rang outwell no that’d almost be interestingINSTEADRandom besuited men don’t care about this.Seme: HURR HURRI often borrow money from illegal loansharks and never pay it back. It’s a foolproof scam.Some old dude comes out and is all stop harrassing the pet moron and such. We play it all the time when we get drunk, it’s really hilariousHAHA NOT THAT THAT’LL HAPPEN WELL ANYWAYWhat a dumb looking gun.Also yeah of course there’s no way he can lose if he loads it doooooooyYou may be rooting for the wrong team, Tetsuo. YOU STEPPED ON MY FOOT.I’M COMING TO KILL YOU.I think this is a slightly different situation than getting damp.please let it be loadedUke says he doesn’t know. If Tetsuo came to live with them in the house, and thus Uke had to explain what he was doing, or Tetsuo would actually stop Seme when he started raping him, or he and Uke could talk about what was going on, or Tetsuo would make things more difficult for Seme in general, why, that would be interesting! Whatever, who cares. They escape, big deal.FLAMES.FLAMES ON THE SIDE OF MY FACE.Uke asks what will become of Tetsuo, who would be an interesting third wheel and change the dynamic of the whole household, maybe, with his gambling, freestyling, take no rape kind of attitude.And then we never see Tetsuo again! Yay!Which is the fun term for rape. I will be raping your cousin.I will rape your cousin for months on end.There is nothing you can do about it.Glad to see you approve.MAYBE IT’S BECAUSE TETSUO NEVER RAPED HIM YOU PSYCHOPATH.I can still rape you, right? THEIR LOVE IS SO TRUE! 11 XD XD XDThat is such a cop-out and the worst thing was I knew he was going to say this. Where do you go to get religiously-overtoned clothing for ten year olds, anyway? HOW ABOUT THESE FIVE GIANT SAUSAGES HERE? OH WAIT THOSE ARE MY FINGERSThis height difference is completely ludicrous.HEY GUYS IT’S RUBYTHANK GODI disagree with this statement.Ruby’s going to pop you in the mouth sonyou’re gonna need a baggy for yo teefDO IT UKERUN AWAY WITH RUBYSHE PROBABLY WON’T RAPE YOU Current Zar note: See the previous installment for more details about okama. HAHA IGNORE THAT TYPO THEREOh Ruby. Seme says he’s not a homo.HE’S WEARING A SKIRT. LOOK AT THAT.Twins who don’t like each other consider finding employment somewhere else where their boss isn’t a rapist pederast.DOESN’T THIS JUST MAKE YOU LOVE THE SEME MORE?? TRANS PEOPLE SURE ARE DISGUSTING AREN’T THEY HA HA HA HA HAI’m honestly puzzled by these asides that clearly, clearly paint the Seme as a horrible person who treats people like garbage, and yet we’re somehow supposed to feel sympathy and like him while he rapes the uke. There is absolutely nothing likable about him and it seems intentional that he’s unlikable. Since he’s not getting punished in any way for his horrible behavior, what’s the point of this? Why would you even do that? Maybe I just don’t get this stuff.I think there was some subtitle mix up here, eh whatever.OLDEST COP OUT IN THE BOOK.He’s heard you’re gay, wants confirmation? MAYBE IT’S CAUSE I DIDN’T RAPE HIM.YOU’D BE SURPRISED HOW THAT CHANGES PEOPLE’S ATTITUDES TOWARDS YOU.HAHAHA SEME TREATS WOMEN LIKE GARBAGE TOO HAHAHA DON’T YOU LOVE HIM EVEN MORE? A rapist sociopath. Solved the mystery! THERE, THEY CALLED IT RAPE AGAINTHE ONLY WAY THEY TREAT THIS AS BAD IS THAT IT MAKES THE UKE LESS RECEPTIVE TO FUTURE RAPESTHANKS, YAOI! Uke calls a cab, just runs away.Darn it NOHAHA IRONYTHIS SHOW IS JUST LOTS OF FUN LAUGHS AFTER ANOTHERAnd so was their relationship forever torn asunder amenWhat would the uke even do, cry about it? HAHAHA HAwhy won’t this endSUCH AN ADMIRABLE QUALITY IN A MAN, THAT HE CAN’T STOP HIMSELF FROM RAPING YOUMAKE SURE TO PUT THAT IN YOUR SINGLES ADS! This actually made me lol because the idea of walking around the house, calling someone’s name, staring at them, and then walking away really amuses me. But then they ruined it by having the seme come back. Did uke sneak into a Squaresoft game and steal some clothes what is thisIT’S NOT CONDESCENDING AT ALL, HA HA HA HA! WORKS BEST IF YOU ARE FIVE FEET TALLER THAN HIM.Scratches at the door and whines all day, sad really.HAHAHA SUCH AN ADMIRABLE MANOh Twins. You’d think him liking you would make him MORE receptive to a physical relationship. Hahaha he’s nearly unconscious from alcohol, now it’s time to have sex with him without asking first! THIS IS THE MOST ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIP IN THE WORLD! I like the glassy stare, like he’s barely able to remember his own name. That’s the best time to have sex with someone.Uke, of course, enjoys it. HEY, WHO WOULDN’T ENJOY BEING FELT UP BY THEIR RAPIST AFTER GETTING SO DRUNK YOU CAN’T WALK STRAIGHT? YEAH, IT WAS ALL A SHOWHE REALLY WANTED YOU TO RAPE HIM THE WHOLE TIMETHE TEASEI DON’T UNDERSTAND WHY THIS IS A BAD THINGTHAT’S WHY I RAPED HIM! WOOPS!That makes you forcing yourself on me and then making me have sex with you to free myself from an incredibly irrational debt you keep increasing perfectly fine.Let’s watch Interstella 5555 one more time, there’s no rape in that. Like right now!HEY DON’T GO TO SLEEP, I’M NOT DONE RAPING YOUACTUALLY HECK, GO TO SLEEP, THAT WON’T STOP ME.WEIRD TRICKS LIKE RESPECTING YOUR WISHES AND SHOWING RESTRAINT, THAT’S FOR CHUMPSThey get me into your butt a whole .5 seconds faster, and that’s a difference you can count.Ruby, kick him in the butt. Come on, be a pal.Ruby: i totally got him hurr hurr hurrRaping people is natural right? I think it is. Thank you.Maybe someday I will do the other episodes, God have mercy on my soul.


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