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Ian Poulter, of England, reacts after missing a putt on the first hole during the second round of the 2016 Masters Tournament at Augusta National Golf Club. Martin Kaymer of Germany down the fairway on the fifteenth hole during the first round of the 2016 Masters Tournament at Augusta National Golf Club. Danny Willett of England walks along the 15th hole during the final round of the Masters on Sunday at Augusta National Golf Club. Another tutorial reference is The National Locksmith Guide to Picking and Impressioning by Robert Sieveking. A variety of picking tools are available through most locksmith supply distributors. It is aimed at locksmith practitioners but has a cogent discussion of principles as well as technique. The rest is just technique — locating and recognizing the state of each pin stack, manipulating the pins, applying torque to the plug. The basic skills of pin tumbler lock picking include selecting the proper tools, manipulating pins through the keyway, applying torque, and recognizing the state of each pin.
Again, try to find and lift all the pins with the different hook picks without applying any torque. Many manufacturers outfit their picks with elaborate and supposedly “ergonomic” handles, but these often hinder performance as much as they might enhance it. If there was some way to electrically charge the Earth, by dumping lots of identically charged particles onto the Earth or just ionizing particles already on Earth – a large amber rod might perhaps be in order – then we could use magnetic fields to drive the planet in the direction we wanted it to go. In the same way you may go round a hazard instead of trying to get over it. They allow very precise control over torque, especially when employing advanced picking techniques that involve a slight reversing of the rotation of the keyway. In particular note that because the pins are slightly out of alignment, as the plug is turned gently, only the pin stack that is most out of alignment actually prevents further rotation. It is not clear what some of these picks are intended to actually do. The three hook picks in this kit are sufficient to manipulate the vast majority of pin tumbler locks found in the US.
Most commercial torque tools are designed for horizontal orientation. The selection of the torque tool is just as important as that of the pick, but, again, commercial pick kits often fail to include a sufficient range of sizes and designs to allow good control and feel across the range of common locks. While there are literally thousands of different keyways in commercial use in the United States and thousands more abroad, these four give a fairly representative sample of the different kinds of wardings (and pin manipulation problems) you are likely to encounter in common (non-high-security) locks. All of the sides, or rails, of the table are bound in cushions and no pockets are present. From an outdoor sport, it moved indoors, where it required a wooden table. Small digits represent short bottom pins (that must be pushed up more to reach the shear line); large digits represent longer bottom pins (that need only be pushed up a bit).
They include a standard hook (called the “Hook” in Peterson’s catalog), a larger hook (the “Gem”), and a deep curve (the “Reach”). Unfortunately, these designs are less than ideal, and many of the “standard” picks are too large to fit and move comfortably in common lock keyways. The Peterson picks are more sturdy, at the expense of being bulkier (but they still fit easily in many of the keyways you’ll be picking). Another style of torque tool has two “prongs” that fit in the top and bottom of the keyway, with a cutout between them for the pick. I have heard it said that Goethe used to go to the top of a tower every day in order to accustom himself to look down without growing giddy. He is on a smooth green which looks so fast that it terrifies him, while if it should slope slightly down hill he is more terrified still.

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