You are invited to a virtual LIMARC Hamfest on Zoom!
When:  Sunday, Jan. 28, 2024  9:00 AM – 12:00 PM EST

But you must register in advance to attend and to be entered into our “door prize” drawings:
After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about how to join us on Jan. 28th.
You are advised to install the latest version of Zoom which is available for download at
If you attended our virtual hamfest last year, then you know how much fun this will be!  If you have any questions, you may reach me at
73, Richie K2KNB

Many of the auction items as well as many other items can be picked up at SCheck Labs

100 East Jeffryn Blvd
Deer Park, NY

as of 1/22

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$50 Gift Certificate ARRL
$25 Gift Certificate ARRL
$25 Gift Certificate ARRL
$100 Gift Certificate (5)  Alpha Antenna
RFinder Gift Certificate(2)
Nightfire Kits
Andersen Power Poles
ARRL Books donated by NLI Section Manager, Jim Mezey, W2KFV
Reliance Abtennas

KJI Electronics   Adapters, Book on Pota,  Power pole crimper

QUICKSILVER  {ane; mpunt meters




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Heathkit Sixer $25
Heathkit Sixer $19

Bencher BY 2 Chrome Iambic $65

Hitachi Oscilloscope $50

Siltronix 1011D Comanche 10 Meter Transceiver

Kenwood TS 530 SP

Swan HF 700s

Trio 820S

SBE Model 34 $250


Hallicrafters Sky Buddy

Team Titan III

Gonset Co,imoicator IV

Latine Radio Model 240

Hallicrafters S 94

Grebe Mu 1 $90

Gonset Communicator II

Hallicrafters s 38 C


MFJ 704 Low Pass Filter $30

Vibroplex #47175

MFJ 1272B TNC/Mic $35

Bird 25 Watt Attenuator $90

JDC CB.10 mete mic No Cable $35

Bird C Elements 100-250 mHz 5, 50, 100, 250 Watt

Ham Pros Universal Mic, Kenwood, Icome, Yaesu $80

All Bander Dipole Antenna $29


Bird D Elements 200-500 ,Hz 10, 100, 250, 500w $89

ICOM IC R70 Receiver Parts or Repair $100

MFJ Portable Signal Tracer, Model 5012 $50

Yaesu 747GX $150


Icom 271 A 2 meter all mode $150

World Clock $15

TebTec Scout 10 Meter Module, Mic. $225

West Mountain Power Gate PG 40 S $70

MFJ 752C signal enhancer $55

MFJ Model 805 Noise Detector $65

MFJ 931 Artificial Groung $75

MFJ 912 4:1 Balun $45

Dentron CM-2 $75

Icom IC R-3 Scanner, receiver %70

Triplett 9045 True RMS Meter $35

Bird 5 A Element 25-60 mHz $60

MFJ DC Power Center $40

Bird 5E 400-1000mHz $25

Rayodan Radio


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Yaesu Ft 726 with 50 mHz module and 3 meter 440
Hammarlund SP 200 Receiver
Bird Wattmeter Elements
TenTec Scout with 28 mHz module
Dipole Antenna
Palstar At 2K Tuner
B & W 3100 Transmitter
Icom 271A 2 meter all mode
Icom IC r-3 Hamdheld UHF-VHF scanner/receiver
Jumper Cables
MFJ 912 Balun
MFJ 1224 Interface
MFJ 5012 Signal Tracer



Ham Radio University