Field Day 2024 is here-Info and Directions

*The park closes over-night. Please use simplex frequency 146.58 or call 516-650-7581 for entrance information if the gate is closed.

LIMARC will once again operate Field Day at Seamans Neck Park, in Seaford, NY. Clubs and individuals throughout North America will use the event to practice the communication skills that would be needed in he event of some national emergency. We hope that LIMARC members as well as non-members will come down and participate.  Bring the kids and grand kids and get them on.


Friday, June 21-  approximately  2 pm: Load truck in Wantagh andproceed to park for set-up. If you can help, please email for information

Saturday: Set-up continues starting at 7 AM. Antennas, tents, and other equipment put in place.

Sunday 2 PM: Eve ends and packing-up begins.

On the air from Saturday 2 PM until Sunday, 2 PM. Operators and loggers needed. No experience necessary!

GOTA” Get On The Air for anyone that has not been on the air for a year or someone who has never been on the air. Special station operates under the callsign WV2LI. For more information or to let us know that you would like to participate please contact Lew, N2RQ,

Lunch at noon both days. Dinner at 5:30 on Saturday.

Please contact us on 146.850 when you are coming down to the site just in case we might need something picked up, like ice.

The park gates are locked overnight. Contact information will be o  the gate so that we can get you in.

Tee shirts available while supply lasts. Coloring books for the kids.





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