Field Day 2024 is over

The 2024 edition of LIMARC Field Day 2024 was not without some major challenges. Nearby lightning strikes caused us o shut down for almost an hour on Saturday. There were continuing lightning strikes later in the day but nothing that affected us. And then, at the end of the on air part of the event, as we started to take things down, along came 40 MPH wind gusts. Talk about training during ad adverse conditions!

Planning for Field Day is at least a 6 month operation. Rob, KC2ILO, and Peter, KC2ZVT, provide the administrative and supervisory support necessary to adequately prepare for this event. With the Field Day Committee support, 7 separate station are set up and all of the logistics are put into place.

Thanks to Ken, KD2GXL, Peter, KC2ZVT, and Rob, KD2GRS(Digital), Ken,WB2KWC(CW), Jeff, N2ION, and Harry, KC2FYJ(SSB), and Lew, N2RQ(GOTA), the stations were ready to go.

John, KD2AKX, provided the ARES trailer and live streamed the event onto our Facebook page. Martin, W1EMR, supplied the sprinter and acted as our Safety Officer. Charlie, KE3AWX and son, Aiden, KE2BXH, along with Tony, N2ICD, were amazing i there untiring efforts to make the event work. Tower-ladders supplied by Don, WB2BEZm as always, a sight to see.

Thank yew to all who came down to help set-up, take-down, and operate the stations. Special thank you to TownBagel of Bellmore for once donating two days of bagels.



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