Fake Tech Support Scam For Netflix And Gmail Could Give Hackers Control of Machine

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Norman Quintero asked 3 days ago

The more the security technologies getting advanced more people with negative approach are coming forward with different ways to breach out the tight security. No matter how many strong laws were been laid out by different IT security panels, there have always been a loophole associated with it. From the same plate, recently there has been seen a similar kind of activity where security specialist has put in limelight the illustrious tech support services. It has been reported that many users were getting either a hoax call from Google or LK21HD.COM an error message at their system (at the time of access) which resemble– “Error Code: ERR19902881811”.

The hackers have been seen following a similar kind of pattern for hacking in to a user system. These series of steps follows a kind of professionalism which makes it undetectable for a person that they are dealing with security threat.

The barely discernible attacking pattern of hackers:

First they will ask some account details like username, creation date, last used date and maybe even the password all this will be executed through mails.

In the reply mail they may offer you a support number for further assistance.

During the phone call they will ask the user to download software in their machine so that they can remotely access their resources.

Now the major step, which involve diverting the user mind by asking others question, while at the same time other attackers will try to get inside user system.

There work has not been finished yet here, after that they will ask you to pay them for their services. If not satisfied they will further request you for your ID and may also ask you to turn on your webcam. However, asking such things is a sure cut sign that the person on the other side is trying to deceive you, still it seems quite real when it comes to recover your account.

Though there have been made many efforts by security experts concerning this matter still it doesn’t seem to be stopped at any point. Thus, we have made some effort from our side which can help a user if not completely, but surely can provide a protective layer to your system.

Way to get rid of attackers:

Case 1: When attackers are already in– Cut the remote access immediately and restart your PC. Then scan your system for malware by using any of the famous malware detector like (Advanced system care or Malwarebytes). Next the most important, change all the password this include everything your email account, browser master password, system password

Case 2: Pre measures – Report scams misleading ads from the browser. Also shutdown every remote connection either from a desktop software (like team viewer) or by any social networking sites or apps.

On further steps one can spread the scam as much as possible so that more people can get aware. Due to non availability of any standing committee to verify tech support unit such cases has been increasing. Thus, our team of expert has been set up for the same mission in hope for minimizing the issue as much as possible.

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