Golkar's leadership will put forward Sekar Tanjung, child of Akbar Tanjung, to stand in the Solo regional election.

DWQA QuestionsCategory: QuestionsGolkar's leadership will put forward Sekar Tanjung, child of Akbar Tanjung, to stand in the Solo regional election.
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Therefore, Doli mentioned, the coalition backing Prabowo Subianto and Gibran Rakabuming Raka is continually communicating and developing political strategies to win the Simultaneous Regional Elections in November 2024. [Read More](5624160 5623387 5622951)

This was announced by Chairman of Golkar, Hartarto Airlangga, after performing Eid al-Adha prayers at the mosque of Golkar DPP, Monday (17/6/2024). “In the Solo Pilkada, the daughter of Akbar Tanjung will be endorsed by the Golkar Party, Krisnauli Tanjung, who is also young,” Hartarto told reporters. Sekar is currently the Chairwoman of the Solo Regional Leadership Council (DPD) of the Golkar Party. She is preparing to run in the Solo Pilkada to take over from President Joko Widodo’s eldest son, Rakabuming Raka Gibran, who has been selected as vice president for the 2024-2029 term. Golkar is confident in endorsing A. Tanjung’s youngest. During her career, Krisnauli Tanjung worked in journalism at ABC News in 2017. In 2019, she became part of the campaign team for Prabowo Subianto and Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno.

However, it is seen as tough because he once stepped down from his position as deputy governor to contest in the 2019 Presidential Election. This has led Sandiaga’s advocates, who are part of Rumah SandiUno Indonesia (RSI), to voice their opinion. It is said that his withdrawal, currently holding the position of the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, was in the interest of the people. “Bang Sandiaga Uno’s action to withdraw from the position of DKI Deputy Governor at that time was for the benefit of the people, especially the residents of Jakarta,” said RSI Secretary, Denny H Suryo Prabowo, in his address on Tuesday (11/6/2024). He mentioned that Sandiaga is someone who is entirely devoted to his work and tasks. “Bang Sandiaga is always ready to take on tasks for the interest of the nation and the citizens of Indonesia. Whether it was in the 2017 Jakarta Regional Election and the 2019 Presidential Election, the backing for Bang Sandi Uno, who ran with Pak Prabowo, from the public was also very large,” Denny stated. According to him, Sandiaga’s decision to resign from his position as Jakarta Deputy Governor was because he did not want to sacrifice the benefit of the people. “Bang Sandi Uno didn’t want to set a bad example for the people by only going on leave from his position as Jakarta deputy governor. He understood that his tasks as deputy governor were heavy and could not be juggled with the equally challenging presidential race,” Denny clarified. He added that Sandiaga Uno believed it was unfair to the people if he worked half-heartedly, so he chose to withdraw from his position. “Sandi {felt|believed|thought

“For example, currently, we already have regional heads who partner with parties outside the Advanced Indonesia Coalition. This will be discussed, but we will prioritize the Advanced Indonesia Coalition to partner in supporting future regional head candidates,” he continued .

According to Habiburokhman, the coalition supporting Prabowo-Gibran in the 2024 Presidential Election has not officially decided on the gubernatorial and deputy gubernatorial candidates for the 2024 Jakarta Regional Election.

“It should also be known that KIM is not just focusing on Jakarta and West Java. We have built an understanding to continue the success from the presidential election to the regional elections,” said Doli, quoted from YouTube Liputan6, Thursday (June 20, 2024).

“So if PKS friends inform about the offer to become Mr. Ridwan Kamil’s deputy governor, it might be from individual senior political party members of the Advanced Indonesia Coalition. It has not yet become an official offer,” said Habiburokhman, quoted from Antara, Wednesday (June 19, 2024) .

Doli admitted that the political map during the regional elections is very different from the 2024 Presidential Election . Furthermore, he noted, the dynamics and differing political perspectives often influence the selection of candidates for the regional elections.

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During this event, he presented the candidate for governor for Lampung, chosen by the Chairman of the Gerindra Party, Subianto Prabowo, namely Djausal Rahmat Mirzani, to contest in the 2024 Pilkada. Presently, Rahmat Djausal serves as the Lampung DPD Gerindra Chairman. “In Lampung, Mr. Subianto has concluded that the candidate deemed suitable to be the Lampung’s governor is Mr. Djausal Rahmat Mirzani. The appointment of Djausal as the candidate for governor by Prabowo is based on the opinions, advice, and feedback he has received from various village leaders, professionals, and spiritual leaders in Lampung,” stated Muzani in his remarks. He wishes that the presentation of Rahmat as a candidate for governor could be the commencement for Lampung to reach greater blessings. He also asked all Lampung Gerindra leaders to unite to ensure Djausal as the next governor of Lampung in the upcoming regional election. Nevertheless, he said, this announcement is not just for achieving power. As per the message of the elected president, Subianto Prabowo, power must be used to defend the rights of the people. “The critical aspect is that power must be utilized as a tool to champion truth and the rights of the people. Truth is a value we have agreed upon in our nationhood,” he said. “Hence, as noted by Prabowo, power must be employed to defend the poor, If you adored this article and you also would like to acquire more info concerning Pilkada Sumut Bobby PKB (https://Www.liputan6.com/) please visit our own webpage. maintain truth and justice, ensure justice, secure well-being, and establish a feeling of safety for all Indonesian people,” said the Deputy Chairman of the MPR. Called to Care for the People According to Muzani, ensuring safety and providing food for all people is the obligation of a state. Thus, Mr. Prabowo has started a program of free lunch and milk for all pupils in schools and religious schools. “Supplying meals to the people and creating a feeling of safety for the residents is a primary right for all Indonesians and {humanity|humans|


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