Sudden heavy rains in Oman kill at least 17 including…

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Arabic Translation : ” يتبع ” Arabic phonetically : ” Yattabe ”

“It’s going to be difficult. She’s such a fighter,” Jabeur said of the American. “I know I can bother her also but it’s going to be a great match.” (Reporting by Sybille de La Hamaide Editing by Toby Davis and Clare Fallon)

Human reproductive cloning involves creating a new individual that is genetically identical to an existing person.

Arabic Translation : ” اسم ” Arabic Phonetically : ” Esm ”


Translation agencies and the global marketplace – nowadays, it’s not possible to imagine one without the other. Translators support globally acting companies in their negotiations and translate the multilingual correspondence with partners from other countries. Due to advancing globalization, communication with foreign trading partners becomes increasingly difficult. Even though English is widespread in today’s business world, your business partners will feel a lot more comfortable if you provide them with the possibility to express themselves in their native language – plus, this way, you make sure that no important information is lost due to limited language skills.

Here you can take pleasure of viewing special programs in Arabic language. This pack offers multiple channels like ABU DHABI, AL ARABIYA, AL JAZEERA, AL JAZEERA SPORT, AL ZIKR, ART AMERICA, ART MOVIES, ART MUSIC , BBC ARABIC, DREAM 2 and each of these channels are stuffed with various types of programs. Be it mini serials, plays, shows, films, movies, sports you can watch them all at DISH Network. Plus 24X7 news features and all the latest movies and films of by gone era are available in your programming palette. You can also watch all the exclusive tournaments of Special Soccer Leagues, plus Arabic talk shows are special attractions. Special channels include DUBAI SPORTS, ESC-1, EURONEWS, FUTURE TV, HEKAYAT, MBC, MURR TV and few more.

Arabic is a language not a country.

Tauson, who defeated 2017 Roland Garros champion Jelena Ostapenko in the second round and former runner-up Sofia Kenin in the third, nearly drew level in the 10th game but Jabeur kept the upper hand to wrap up victory in little over an hour and a half.

In 2013, when Sisi was armed forces chief and effectively running the country, hundreds were killed when security forces broke up a sit-in at Cairo’s Rabaa Square in support of Mursi. Egyptian officials said some protesters were armed.

Six and seven hundred eighty-nine thousandths.

No, Commerce Maghreb [] poison ivy is not native to China. It is typically found in North America.

‘People are talking about the crash as a kind of sign of hope,’ he said. ‘Everyone sees how losing a president (caused) national celebration – which sends a powerful message to everyone in the government.’

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What girl’s name begins with W? Which numeral system is in common use today? How men and women called in Arabic? How do you say universe in Arabic? Where can you find the definitions of Arabic words in Arabic?

Do you think it is very necessary for you to know so much of the culture of the chosen language once you decide to learn to speak it? The answer is a firm yes. But I need to explain something about this to you before you choose to go on your Arabic speaking.

A BBC spokesperson said: ‘We do not comment on individual staff matters or individual social media posts; however, one of the individuals you name was a freelancer who has not worked for the BBC since early October, when she was working on the Sudan lifeline service, and the other did not work for the BBC in 2018, the date of her alleged tweets.

Her posts included advocacy for liberal dress codes for women, LGBTQ+ rights and the abolition of Saudi Arabia male guardianship laws. She was also accused of appearing in indecent clothing and posting Arabic hashtags that include the phrase “overthrow the government.”

Jordan in Arabic means ‘AL ORDON’ and in Arabic الاردن

“Terra” is a Latin word that means “earth” or “land.” It is commonly used to refer to the planet Earth or soil.

(Arabic meaning)=ok in Arabic ***

“Terra” is a Latin word that means “earth” or “land.” It is commonly used to refer to the planet Earth or soil.


“The lack of resources in other languages results in an AI language gap which leads to sub-optimal user experience in AI applications, deepens the bias in AI models and risks deepening the digital divide in AI technologies ,” they added. (Reporting by Olivier Sorgho; Editing by Alexander Smith)

Earth Dragon in Chinese is written as 地龙 (dì lóng).

Arabic writing : شارون

With is مع in Arabic.

May 15 (Reuters) – Telecom company Veon, mobile operator Beeline Kazakhstan, the Barcelona Supercomputing Center and the GSMA lobby group said on Wednesday they would work together to bridge an “AI language gap” for under-represented languages.

The board, which is funded by Meta but operates independently, said the social media giant should remove posts containing the word “shaheed” only when they are linked to clear signs of violence or if they separately break other Meta rules.


Ham Radio University