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However, lower-ranked professional players struggled to make a living from the sport, especially after paying tournament entry fees, travel, and other expenses. When inserted quickly in and out of the keyway and rubbed along the bottoms of the pins, they tend to make each pin stack “jump” rapidly. The Snooker Shoot Out is a variant snooker tournament, first staged in 1990, featuring single-frame matches for an accelerated format. The popularity of snooker has led to the creation of many variations based on the standard game, but using different rules or equipment, including six-red snooker, the short-lived “snooker plus”, and the more recent Snooker Shoot Out version. The standard rules of the game were first established in 1919 when the Billiards Association and Control Club was formed. A standard full-size snooker table measures 12 ft × 6 ft (365.8 cm × 182.9 cm), with a rectangular playing surface measuring 11 ft 8.5 in × 5 ft 10.0 in (356.9 cm × 177.8 cm). Practice English first across the width of the table and then across the length. In 1969, David Attenborough, then the controller of BBC2, commissioned the snooker tournament television series Pot Black, primarily to showcase the potential of the BBC’s new colour television service, as the green table and multi-coloured balls provided an ideal opportunity to demonstrate the advantages of the new broadcasting technology.
Unlike association croquet, balls are always played in the same sequence (blue, red, black, yellow). The World Snooker Championship first took place in 1927. Joe Davis, a key figure and pioneer in the early growth of the sport, won fifteen successive world championships between 1927 and 1946. The “modern era” of snooker began in 1969 after the broadcaster BBC commissioned the television series Pot Black, later airing daily coverage of the World Championship, which was first televised in 1978. The most prominent players of the modern era are Ray Reardon in the 1970s, Steve Davis in the 1980s, and Stephen Hendry in the 1990s, each winning at least six world titles. In 1985, an estimated 18.5 million viewers stayed up until the early hours of the morning to watch the conclusion of the World Championship final between Dennis Taylor and Steve Davis, a record viewership in the UK for any broadcast on BBC Two or any broadcast after midnight. In the 2022-23 season, only two professional ranking tournaments were played outside the UK, the European Masters in Fürth and the German Masters in Berlin, while lucrative Chinese events remained off the calendar.
Davis won all fifteen tournaments held until 1946, when he retired from the championships. Played in 1926 and 1927, the first World Snooker Championship-then known as the Professional Championship of Snooker-was won by Joe Davis. An individual frame of snooker is won by the player who has scored the most points. When a player commits a scratch, their opponent often receives what’s known as “ball-in-hand.” This penalty grants the non-offending player the ability to place the cue ball anywhere on the table. These rules are similar to the ones used today, although rules for a minimal point penalty were imposed later. Each ball thrown earns the player points, and the game continues until a predetermined point threshold is reached. Using a cue stick, the individual players or teams take turns to strike the cue ball to pot other balls in a predefined sequence, accumulating points for each successful pot and for each time the opposing player or team commits a foul.
The game continues until one of the players either pots the black ball to win the frame, or commits a foul (losing the frame). 39 Another duty of the referee is to recognise and declare a stalemate when neither player is able to make any progress in the frame. Another form of table scratch occurs when the shooting player fails to drive the legal object ball either to a cushion or to a pocket. Stone House in Ootacamund on a table built by Burroughes & Watts that had been brought to India by boat. Snooker originated in the second half of the 19th century in India during the British Raj. First played by British Army officers stationed in India in the second half of the 19th century, the game is played with twenty-two balls, comprising a white cue ball, fifteen red balls, and six other balls-a yellow, green, brown, blue, pink, and black-collectively called the colours.

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